Stuart Kelly is one of the UK’s leading Magic Circle magicians. An Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, he specialises in close-up magic, and loves nothing more than to have his audience think ‘how on earth did that happen?’

Stuart is the ultimate party performer. Not only can he make cards disappear with the blink of an eye, but he creates a whole experience for the people he’s entertaining, with the tales he tells and the stories he weaves. You’ll be entranced, bewildered and amazed all at the same time.

Although a life-long entertainer, Stuart’s career started in software, developing systems, implementing and project managing them – a world away from white rabbits and card tricks. But magic has always been a hobby of Stuart’s and since turning his back on the corporate world in favour of a magic wand and a pack of cards, Stuart’s reputation as a magician has levitated through the roof.

The highlight of his career was being accepted into the exclusive world of the Magic Circle, an elite group only open to the most talented professionals who can survive a tough application process. Now he can say that he is one of the top 1,500 magicians in the world. No mean feat for a software engineer.

Now Stuart is most comfortable transforming all manner of events into magical experiences, from weddings to conferences, to award ceremonies to corporate away days.

He has a natural engaging manner which draws people in, and they instantly like his open, friendly and fun personality. He has people queuing up to see the impossible right in front of their eyes. He’s the South East’s answer to Dynamo. And he’s got a better beard than him.

And Stuart isn’t just a world class magician! Did you know he’s a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist and Member of the Institute of Physics? He offers local private tuition classes for maths and physics, and even designs and builds WordPress sites, putting those decades of experience in software engineering to good use.