If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in being the new Chief Executive of NOFAS-UK. Thank you for your interest.

NOFAS is a brilliant organisation and has made real progress towards making Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder something that only appears in the history books. But we have a long way to go and perhaps you will be the person to help us get there.

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Fetal* Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) – nowadays more properly described as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – can occur in children born to mothers who have drunk alcohol during pregnancy. Light to moderate alcohol consumption rarely results in FAS but can do so. Heavy consumption is clearly undesirable. The effects vary widely but it can result in serious physical and mental disabilities, and impacts a person’s ability to live and work independently.

* In common with most international organisations, we use the American spelling ‘fetal’ rather than ‘ foetal’ and retain the title FAS rather than FASD.


The charity’s purposes are two-fold: to campaign to reduce the incidence of FAS and to support those who are affected by it.

We interpret the campaigning aspect to include raising awareness amongst professionals and the public alike, and campaigning for policies and regulations to help prevent FAS.


Our current activities include:

  • running a training programme for midwives; to date we have trained 15,000
  • providing information for GPs
  • running regular conferences for professionals
  • producing informational videos, films and literature
  • putting together and managing an international panel of medical experts
  • providing a global six-monthly online document to interested parties which collates all the latest international research
  • running targeted awareness campaigns amongst schoolchildren
  • dealing with media inquiries, including appearing in the media
  • lobbying government, MPs and alcohol companies for better policies to reduce the incidence of FAS
  • running a 5-day a week helpline
  • running support groups for parents


If you’d like to apply for this amazing position, please send your CV with a supporting statement telling us how you fit the bill to …

Your supporting statement is your opportunity to convince us that it would be a good move to interview you. Make it count. It would be REALLY helpful to us if your CV and statement were in MS Word format. And since we might be your future employers, it pays to be helpful to us!!

All applications must be received by midnight (BST) on Friday 14 October 2016.

Interviews will be in London in late October/early November.


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